Since its beginning, KaRNaVIrES is questionning the public space, telling stories to today’s cities, while developing a dramatic and scenic writing for a spectacular course.

We wish to divert and subtract for an instant, the public space from its inhabitants, to later, better return it to them, invalidating the unique vision in favor of an infinity of looks.

Over the years, initially rooted in musical theater, we have continued to confront our work to the urban space, building a artistic originality in the field of street arts: this writing is at once theater for its conventions, film for its framing, opera for its lyrical, symphony for its movements.

The world of street theater with its mechanisms, its unknowns, principles of diversion, youth of its existence and its ancient origins gives us the rights and duties:

- Of a freedom of movement through scenic and narrative forms.

- Of an equal opportunity for a theater everywhere and for everyone.

- Of a fraternity, because culture, more precisely cultural action must be an example and a vector of social solidarity, economic and artistic collaboration between members of the company and with the organizers, broadcasters, institutionals for a Citizen public.


For over 25 years, Local Authorities, Municipalities, State (Bouches du Rhône) and Region (Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur) have given their support to our work. It allowed us to present our shows to dozens and dozens of broadcasters who trust us.


The company is regularly supported by the General Council of Bouches du Rhône, the PACA Regional Council, the Urban Community of Pays d'Aix (community tour).

The company has a National Education Accreditation (for workshops in schools) and was also labeled MP 2013.